Addedo COFS

COFS - CPM Office of Finance Solution. Using COFS, Addedo combines proven IBM solutions (Cognos) with individually developed individual components to provide total solutions for consolidation, reporting, analysis and business planning.

CPM Office of Finance Solution (COFS)

With COFS, Addedo combines proven IBM solutions (Cognos). With individually developed individual components to provide total solutions for consolidation, reporting, analysis and business planning.

By using COFS Addedo offers a complete portfolio of services for the Office of Finance and complements IBM Cognos proven CPM solutions with additional functionality.

In the course of the consulting work, a number of additional solutions have developed, which automate software-supported processes.

The positive customer feedback and the widespread use of our solutions motivate us to continue to develop our own software modules and make them available to our customers.

Addedo COFS solution details

Addedo COFS Presentation Link

This Addedo solution is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in and is available for IBM Cognos Controller and TM1.

The COFS Presentation Link allows you to automate the updating of Cognos Controller and TM1 data in Microsoft PowerPoint. Technical requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel with the respective add-in for IBM Cognos Controller or Cognos TM1.

  • Automatic transfer of tables and graphics from Excel to PowerPoint
  • Automatically update the data in PowerPoint
  • Easy management of paths when Excel files are stored in different directories

With the Addedo COFS Presentation Link, you can simplify the monthly reimbursement of PowerPoint reports based on Controller and TM1 data.

Actual Facts with IBM Cognos BI

Combining distinct reports together or reusing Report Studio pages across different reports has always been a challenge with IBM Cognos BI. Report generation is not optimised, leading to multiple execution for the same output, thus monopolising precious IT resources.

Limited information is available to the recipient about the status of the report execution. Failed execution is simply abandoned, leaving the recipient clueless about what is happening. No parameter sharing is available across multiple reports.

Efficient features for IBM Cognos BI – Abirio:
  1. Improve Performance and Save Resources
    Abirio is the most advanced report book generation and distribution application for IBM Cognos BI available on the market. Using advanced algorithms, Abirio eliminates multiple generation of the same report and combines the outputs to create personalised report books. The information is provided faster to the recipient while your company saves IT resources.
  2. Leverage the Value of Existing Assets
    Abirio creates report books based on existing Report Studio development. It reuses reports in multiple report books and prevents duplicating and maintaining many copies of a single report. With Abirio, existing IBM Cognos BI reports are distributed to take advantage of the work you have already done in Report Studio. You can manage centrally global variables and apply them to multiple reports. Burst reports to an unlimited amount of business users.
  3. Timely Information to the Right People
    Through Abirio, you can send personalised information on ad-hoc or scheduled basis. You always distribute the needed information through the appropriate channel at the right time. Because users are associated with specific filters and e-mail addresses. Reports can share a common parameter value to easily change a filter across many reports.
  4. Managed Report Execution
    Abirio allows you to manage the report execution and gives you and the business user status information about the process. When reports fail, Abirio re-executes them. Recipients are informed about issues and missing information. With Abirio, you can improve your IBM Cognos BI execution process.

Facts about Abirio RS

IBM Cognos BI administrator and report authors can easily modify the report specifications xml and saving back to the content store because of Abirio RS.

Features of Abirio RS are:

  • View the XML specification with the embedded Xml rendering engine with color formatting,
  • Search for specific strings,
  • Save the XML specifications to disk,
  • Roll-back your change to the latest load version,
  • Report properties such as history, schedules, link to portal pages are kept (unlike the “copy from clipboard” function in Report Studio).


The architecture CIP is a base for a lasting BI, analytics & planning solutions.

Correct data on the one hand and sure vote and production processes on the other hand are important for the success of a respectable planning and reporting solution.

The platform CIP is an own development of the Addedo AG. CIP encloses methods and tools to the construction and maintenance of a data container (Datawarehouse) and for the realisation of individual reporting and planning solutions.

From the needs of the practise originated, CIP is a important tool for the specialised division. It supports your power users in the controlling specialised divisions.

  • Data Quality Management (Master Data Management)
  • Central management of all important planning and reporting structures
  • in the data supply (data input & plausibility)
  • with central, controlled dataimport
  • and the documented control of the report production (process manager)

The separate data position of the ERP system in a datawarehouse:

  • is not necessary compelling
  • has essential advantages regarding optimisation of the data concerning planning and report production
  • easier definition of data cubes and reports for the users
  • Quickness in the report production and data analysis
  • database changes in the ERP system have no immediate influence on the reporting solution

Value Converter for Cognos Controller

Edo.ValueConverter is an Excel plug-in conveniently called up from the menu. Various functions help you make the document available even to people without access to the Controller or TM1:
  • Searching and replacing formulae from IBM Cognos Controller or TM1
  • Option of searching all sheets or only the selected area
  • Direct saving after conversion – meaning that your original remains linked to the data source
  • Rapid and simple delivery of Excel-based Cognos Controller or TM1 reports
  • Having reports available off-line
  • … while retaining all Excel functions at the same time
An overview after conversion displays all of the changes made – so that you can always rest assured that the procedure has been successfully completed.

Job Scheduler for Cognos Controller

Individual and detailed time scheduling of consolidation jobs in Cognos Controller. In its standard version, the software permits the scheduling of day-to-day jobs.

In the process of generating accounts, many customers want certain jobs to be carried out at shorter intervals, even hourly. This then means that batch jobs must be entered monthly in a relatively expensive process. This add-in allows the following jobs to be programmed conveniently and efficiently:

  • Consolidation
  • Currency conversion
  • Calculation of key figures


  • Simple programming of batch jobs
  • Clear overview display of batch jobs


Intervals can be set to any value down to the single minute unit.

Comments add-in for Cognos Controller

Exporting comments directly from Excel to Cognos Controller.

Cognos Controller Excel-Link contains the function “cc.fExpVal(….)” which allows values to be efficiently exported to Cognos Controller.

Unfortunately there is no function for exporting comments. This can now be achieved with the Edo.PutComment Add-in for Cognos Controller.


  • Testing arguments (account validity, company, currency, etc.)
  • Checking user rights (is the user entitled to write comments for this company)
  • Issuing an error log
  • Simple to use in excel

Addedo e-paper

Combination of CCR, CDM and Addedo e-paper allows you to present your external (qurter and yearly) reporting in a state of the art meaner.

All reports created with CDM can easily converted into files that match all differenz devices: iOS, Android, Windows etc. Addedo e-paper will take care of all the rendering and formatting and it creates an interactive report that is very easy to read (third party Software is a part of this solution).


Automatic exchange rate conversion on the basis of ECB rates (interface to the ECB)

The regular entry of exchange rates in IBM Cognos Controller is usually performed by an administrator. However, there are cases where the dependency on this manual entry can slow down the final process.

For example, the person responsible can be in a different time zone than the users who work with the exchange rates. This dependency can lead to delays. Our consultants also regularly note that support cases are opened because a course for a certain currency is missing.

  • Exchange rates against the euro are published daily by the European Central Bank
  • With the Edo.EZB these exchange rates (average and deadline rates) can be called directly from the European Central Bank
  • At the same time, these are loaded into IBM Cognos controllers

All IBM Cognos Controller users are sure that the courses are correct and available in the system at the right time.

Addedo Edo.Mobile

Edo.Mobile makes IBM Cognos Controller, TM1 or CDM reports available on iPad or iPhone

With the widespread of handheld devices, managers expect their reports to be accessible on iPad or iPhone. Financial statements or operational information must be available easily on these devices. The same team that generates statements in Controller, TM1 or CDM must make these reports available in a secured way without additional effort or learning a new software. Edo.Mobile makes IBM Cognos Controller, TM1 or CDM reports accessible with an iPad or iPhone. The users download the reports made available to them and can annotate the reports with the application. Reading a report is usually not enough to help productivity. Therefore Edo.Mobile iOS app supports all common annotation types such as drawings, highlights, notes, free text, images and even sound. Customers use their own infrastructure or can use Addedo Cloud to manage security, report distribution and iOS notifications.


  • Make a standard Excel-based report iOS compatible
  • Distribute reports across an iPad / iPhone user base
  • Manage security
  • Download End-user features, read and annotate reports

Download app for iOS:


Acceleration, simplification and improvement of reporting for IFRS 16 based on a software solution. The solution is a standard model coveringthe IFRS 16 requirements.

A closed circuit in which the data remains transparent, traceable and reconcilable is formed by the IFRS 16 solution and consolidation software.

  • the IFRS 16 audit log creates transparency: who has (when) entered orchanged which figures
  • reducing the implementation time and the costs with the IFRS 16 solution template 

InterCo Web Manager

The InterCo Web Manager allows for on-going daily representation and reconciliation of all intercompany charges on the detailed granularity levelas per event and invoice.

This allows for a continous managment of intercompany relationships, gives detailed insight into any misalignments before the periods closingand prepares the data for fast close processes.

Edo.Fap Manager

The Edo.FAP Manager is an extension to the FAP Manager of IBM Cognos Controller that controls the interface between IBM Cognos Controller and IBM Cognos TM1. This add-on massively reduces the workload on the management of this interface.

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