Software Maintenance & Support

We will be glad to assist you with any further questions or information. Within our software maintenance and support, we are able to assist you with troubleshooting, function enhancements and maintenance.

Our consultants will be happy to assist you with subsequent adaptations or changed requirements or environmental changes.

Software Maintenance

Changing versions (release upgrade) is an integral aspect of the use of software. For you as a customer, it is important to benefit from the renewal of licensed products and to complete an upgrade operation smoothly.

Our knowledge of a wide range of hardware and software combinations enables us to offer the following services competently and in many different environments:

  • New installation
  • Release upgrade
  • Rollout and software distribution
  • Server relocation
  • Compatibility monitoring

In this way, upgrades and product updates can be guaranteed.

Perhaps you already have an existing maintenance contract with the manufacturer? In many cases it is possible for this to be transferred over to us – contact us and ask.

Software Support

Apart from traditional consultancy, most of our customers also call on our hotline support.

This provides you with the following advantages:

  • We know you and your application. The support provided is therefore efficient and uncomplicated.
  • Our hotline employees are also consultants and are used to dealing with the challenges of the software solution in their daily work. This knowledge is a key advantage for the operation of our hotline.

Don’t pay twice! Having signed a maintenance contract, many customers have access to the manufacturer’s hotline. But when it comes to problems they fall back on their consultant, who then has to be paid.

Addedo User Groups

Join our User Groups!

Enjoy the benefits of our regular user group sessions. Addedo’s employees and their customers develop “best practice” approaches to ensure that your software solution is also used in the best possible way.

The User Group has the following as its objectives:

  • Interactive exchange with other companies using the same software solution as yourselves
  • Tips and tricks suggested by our experienced consultants
  • Short training sessions
  • Addressing current problems

During these sessions, great emphasis is placed on interactive exchange.

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