Software Implementation

As an independent provider, we assist in the implementation of different software solutions.

Addedo supports their customers in all these phases of the project:

  • Evaluation
  • Installation
  • Projectmanagement
  • Project Implementation
  • Rollout and Training

Some references give a deeper insight into our expertise and skills.

Support details

Selecting the right tools and partners helps minimise risks and reduce costs.

This is why Addedo supports its customers when they are setting up consolidation solutions from a wide variety of providers.

  • Implementation of solutions from a widevariety of providers
  • Provision of services over many years for the widest variety of customers in terms of:
    • Sector
    • Group size
    • Complexity
    • Corporate culture
    • Regulatory Requirements
    • Individual operational requirements

Addedo offers also a technical installations for a range of products. We are happy to assist in the following areas:

  • New installations of Talentia, IBM Cognos Controller, Planning Analytics and Cognos BI
  • Upgrades of existing environments to the latest version
  • Review and optimization of your environment
  • Technical Support
  • Design and optimization your IT

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An implementation project can be a complex matter with many requirement clusters. Professional handling and organisation ensure that these requirements are fulfilled in good time and to the required quality.

For its customers, Addedo provides project managers used to coming to grips with the interfaces between the financial and IT aspects on a day-to-day basis to provide support in the following areas:

  • Consolidation
  • Planning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Corporate MIS
  • System integration
  • Migration projects
Competent consultants is an absolute must have for any implementation of new software. The external consultants should not stay longer than absolutely necessary.
Our project implementation includes:
  • The employees can maintain the system
  • Independent development of the system
  • Comprehensive know-how transfer from consultant to customer

So that your employees can maintain and further develop the new system in the long term we offer you in addition to the software rollout an extensive training.

Our experts have many years of experience, also of employee training. In the last phase of the project, we will clarify with you the training needs of the main users.

The training steps are:

  • Team Training Project Development
  • Team Training Group Finance
  • Consolidation unit training
  • Business unit Controller function training
  • Reporting entities / subsidiaries training

Our experienced consultants lead the trainings in German, English or French.